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Therris - Your Brand new future

There are lots of cryptocurrencies that claim to be ’private’, but it is just a few of them to have privacy that is proved by the cryptographic apparatus used to conduct transactions. Therris is a private cryptocurrency with Hybrid (POS and POW) algorithm. This technology revolves around decentralised data storage that can record transactions between parties in an efficient, trustless, and immutable manner.

Comparing to fiat currencies, Therris has obvious advantages: there’s no trusted party it depends on; fast and transparent transaction processing and, among others, privacy. Privacy may be a requirement due to personal reasons, but it’s also important as in the modern world the vast majority of payments made both by individuals and companies are processed in an electronic form.

The corresponding information about transactions and the involved parties is confidential, however, it can be stored and accumulated by banks, authorities and other financial institutions. This data attracts attackers around the globe, sometimes they get unauthorised access and use it for fraud etc., that evolves into financial losses. Traditionally, financial institutions protect client’s data by restricting access to their informational systems. Anonymity, means that the parties involved in any transaction don’t reveal any data that can help to identify them. The inability of tracing the origin of coins and that transactions issued by any sender or received by any receiver can be associated by a watcher.

The properties of these are difficult to achieve in practice and even harder to formally prove. However, during the years passed from the moment when Bitcoin appeared on the scene, multiple cryptocurrencies have been developed and there are some attempts to solve the privacy problem in different ways and with the different degree of comprehensiveness.

Even if the crypto technology enables you to keep the transactions anonymous and secure to the hilt, it is not that every coin passes on that benefit to its users. Many of the coins that are in use by traders are no good in keeping the security level robust. Therris introduces its proprietary cryptocurrency that provides all the advantages that users expect out of a digital asset. We have employed the hybrid (POS and POW) algorithm that does a flawless job of securing the assets and keep everything decentralized to the core.

Therris offers benefits that no other crypto token does, it gives you speed, efficiency, and an unprecedented level of security. It does a great job of maintaining the privacy of users and provides plenty of options to make the trade seamless. Furthermore, individuals, as well as
companies that are eager to orientate their operations with the decentralized distributed ledger, can adopt it. Using this coin, they will be able to redefine the use of digital platforms that are made to simplify businesses and our lives.

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